The easiest way to buy or to inquire about one or several objectsis the email. Our address is avinyonet@pobox.com.If you are using a program like Outlook, Foxmail or Eudora, it will be sufficient to clickon the symbolof the main menu and your email program will be activated automatically. The symbolwill react in the same way as the symbol from the main menu.

    If you use a webmail, you can copy the string avinyonet@pobox.com into the field of the receiver, 'To:'

     The items are identified by a numeric code of 4decimal places, as 1234. The code is marked with the symbol . In many cases you can see a grater imatge if you clickon a reduced picture or onto the symbol .

    The shipment price will be paid by the buyer. The fees vary dependent on the wage and the dimensions of the object, and the buyers address. You can look at the fees ofthe Spanish post at the following page: Correos

    We will send the objects in safely wrapped parcels. We use to send by registered mail.

    You can pay by bank transfer to the following account:

  Bank Openbank
  Account 0073 0100 57 0429737647
  Account holder Maria Isabel Serra Rojo

    We will also accept Paypal payments, with a increase of 5 % to compensatethe Paypal fees.

    If you have questions, please write us to avinyonet@pobox.com.

    If you are interested in one or several of our items, you can copy and paste the following form to your email program:

I am interested in the following items:
Code:     Description:    
Code:     Description:    
Code:     Description:    
My name:
My address:
Please give me the shipment price.

    All the items can be found through the general catalogue. Through thedifferent pages of the general catalogue you can access to different groupsof special object related to the matter of the main page.

    So, e.g. the page of the photographic cameras let you go to the followinggroups: Box Cameras, Plate cameras, Movie cameras, Stereo cameras and Film Splicers.